How to make Horse mackerel nigiri sushi & Sushi rice.(Shari Recipe/sushi at home)鯵の握り寿司の作り方(レシピ)

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■This time is a recipe for Horse mackerel nigiri sushi & sushi rice.(Shari Recipe)鯵のにぎり寿司とシャリの作り方(レシピ)
▼Horse mackerel nigiri sushi & sushi rice.- I make 1 serving - (easy sushi recipes for beginners)
・Fresh horse mackerel : 1

[Sushi rice vinegar]
・Hot rice : 180g
・Vinegar : 15g
・Sugar : 4g
・Salt : 2g

・Vinegar : 20g
・Water : 20g
*Mix in the same amount.
*"Tezu" is used to keep your hands clean.

[Toppings / seasonings]
・Grated ginger
・Green onion


・"How do you make Japanese food?"
・"Is it easy to make Japanese food?"

I am working on a video that solves this problem.
An introduction video of Japanese cuisine that can be easily cooked.

I am a Japanese chef. The name is Haruma. Please call me "Haru" or "Haruma".
We deliver videos from Japan.
I would be pleased if you could introduce tradition, culture, history, temples, shrines and Japanese street food.
Recommended Japanese recipes that can be easily cooked.
Famous Japanese food recipes. Healthy (vegetarian) Japanese recipes.
I want to tell you some tasty Japanese food.
Thank you. I will also create a blog.
*Depending on the manufacturer, the seasoning may taste slightly thicker or thinner, so please adjust it to your liking.

▼ Behind the shooting
Since it's New Year, I made a video of how to make sushi that you can easily make at home.
Japanese people eat soba on New Year's Eve,
There is also a culture of eating sushi on New Year's Day (´ ▽ ` *)

Happy new year!
Thank you for last year. Best wishes for 2021!

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・新鮮な鯵 : 1尾

・温かいご飯 : 180g
・お酢 : 15g
・砂糖 : 4g
・塩 : 2g

・お酢 : 20g
・水 : 20g

[調味料 / 薬味]


私は日本の料理人です。(蕎麦、うどん屋で働いています。) 名前は悠真(ハルマ)です。
「ハルマ」と呼んでください。 日本から動画を配信しています。

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